Give STL

Give STL

“Imagine the impact we can have when the whole community comes together to give on May 3rd!”

Now, imagine the impact we can have on a child’s life when you give to CARING FOR KIDS:

  1. A high school senior was just 3 ½ credits short of graduating with her class this year. The purchase of a laptop computer will help her pick up those credits over the summer, graduate and continue her education at the community college which has already accept her for admission.
    Our cost--$200.00.
  2. Four kids were removed from their home due to physical abuse by step-dad. Mom has been ordered to complete services to strengthen her protective capabilities. She’s doing a great job, and dad is no longer in the picture. In order for kids to return home and out of foster care, they need beds. Mom has no funds to purchase beds for each of the kids, and court will not allow the children to sleep in the same beds, on the sofa on the floor or with mom. We purchased 4 twin beds for the kids.
    Our cost--$175.00 per bed.
  3. A tiny baby was born to mom and dad who never really were a couple. Mom never bonded with this little baby who was born early with a heart issue and spent many months in the hospital. During that time, mom took her own life. Dad never expected to raise this child—certainly not on his own—but he stepped up and did so. He took parenting classes, CPR classes and education classes. What he needed from us were bus passes to get to and from the classes—a small price to pay for dad to be a dad. We purchased 2 passes.
    Our cost--$78.00 per bus pass

So many kids—so many needs—please remember Tuesday, May 3rd—

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